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Property Management Team

The Board of Directors along with Collect Associates, makes up the property management team. 



SRCA Board of Directors

All of the affairs of the SRCA are governed by the Board of Directors.  The Board members are not paid.  They volunteer their time and expertise to run and manage the SRCA.  The board members are elected by the unit owners of record at the annual meeting.  They serve for two years and may be reelected when their tern is finished. 



Savin Rock Condominiums

A Seaside Community

At West Walk

West Haven, CT 06516


Savin Rock Condominium Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm in the SRCA clubhouse.  The meeting is open to all unit owners of record.  The first 20 minutes is an open forum for the unit owners to address the board.

Minutes of the annual meeting of the unit owners to elect Board members 2017

Minutes of Board members meeting to elect officers 2017

Board of Directors

President                        Debby Bragdon
Vice President                 Karen Orlando
Treasurer                        Pat Vancour
Secretary                        Carol Simler

Members at Large

Ruby Melton
John Centore
Sal DiiNcola

Email Sign Up

If you would like to receive email notifications from the SRCA  and have not yet signed up call Collect Associates (203-924-5331) for the necessary form that needs to be filled out.